About Us

OUR Company

1st Verse Production Sdn Bhd is a company developed in  2009, previously under sole ownership of Saufi Network Corporation Sdn Bhd in year 2006. Today, with the capabilities of the team of experts to introduce wedding photography and videography products and services that has its own concept in producing photographs and images in creative forms, full of graphics and arts enhancement will give different approaches and attractiveness compared to the conventional photography or videography products and services.

Motto Simple but Special

Vission Quality and excellence in everything we do

Mission Innovating for competitive edge


OUR Services


We Provide Photography Services for Your Events: Wedding Ceremony, Commercial, Corporate, Graduation, Portrait, Product and any related event.

Video Production

Using real-time editing for DV, SD, HD, and film software – Final Cut Pro, Canopus Edius Pro and Adobe After Effects – we manage to create a high-end video with high quality effects for commercial and business platform.

Using a computer based editing system full of special effects, we select the most special moments from your entire wedding day and edit them together to the beat of your special song.


OUR Expertise

+ Photo Editing
+ Video Editing
+ Special Effect / Montage
+ Multimedia Presentation


OUR Designing and Printing services includes:

+ Card for any occasion

+ T shirt

+ Letterheads

+ Business cards

+ Biz documents

+ Offset printing

+ Banners

+ Buntings


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